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HHRIDS (hospital and heart research institute and disease study) is a platform of specialized cardiac center with complete evidence based cardiac care .every attempt starting from now on is a step forward  to our goal to establish the cardiac center which will be operated by unique protocols determined by vast research on disease specific patient  vitals ,risk factors encountered through case studies ,complications  faced by current protocols and interventions required to overcome that and ensure a risk free safe less complicated patient compliant  treatment protocol

Taking all these in account we are setting this platform where complete data of the course of a patient of his or her treatment will be managed from the very first day by ICPMS(integrated cardiac patient management system ) with direct participation of patient him or herself through a check list provided to the patients  where they can note their sufferings , their feelings about the treatment at home and can submit that online in the midst of treatment course or can take it with them during their follow up visit thus this system secures all vitals to be recorded properly these data management system is the heart of HHRIDS where with this asset HHRIDS will move forward to identify new risk factors and risk assessment  and ensure better treatment protocols in upcoming days for the benefit of cardiac patients

Beside HHRIDDS own data base ,we encourage cardiac physicians and cardiac surgeons to share their experiences and research works through this platform so that we can fight together for every HRIDs beat in this world


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All the patient data are uploaded with the written or verbal consent from the patient

And considering their refusal or taking care of some social and religious point of view some data are kept private

Its illegal to share or copy or any alteration of data or publish any data or patient stats or journals or images or videos or any contents without prior permission from HHRIDS

Data for research is purchasable and prior permission from ethical committee and HHRIDS is a must

Companies can post adds of their products on website with fixed or negotiable monthly rent

HHRIDS never receives or even encourage donations for research so be cautious and report us if you ever see any add or campaign seeking such .

Funding of HHRIDS comes from this website

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